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Prototype (_____m2) / The propositional installation serves as its title suggests: a prototype of spatial enquiry that oscillates between a set of predetermined instructions and open-ended site specificity. Each implementation of the installation possesses its own unique manifestation denoted by the specific area to which it is inputted, a value thus inserted within the title’s brackets. The four performance scores reflect on contemporary temporalities of the ‘white cube’ which include the status of being i) non-invigilated structural installation, ii) scripted staging with performers, iii) social fabrication in formats such as a cocktail reception, and iv) a flowing dialogue with surroundings.

Multiple recycled wood structures, 5-min video loop, photographic prints on recycled paper and vinyl on wood (various dimensions), four performance scores.

Dimensions variable.

United Kingdom

◌Installation view

°Still from 5-min video loop on 5” LCD screen

°Performance score IV: conversing beyond assigned space

°Special credits to performers Ran Shi, 
Mihaela Man, Gabriel Darin

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